Friday, 12 February 2016

Bulk Raw Honey Orders

We've been getting plenty of requests for bulk honey, so lets go!

The quantities come in either 10,15 or 20 kilo tubs that you can use and store or split into jars etc. We don't recommend putting a tap on your bucket as our honey is raw and will thicken and candy.
Honey never goes out of date! If you can pick up from the Sydney or Central Coast region then you are welcome to purchase. Prices haven't dropped as we'd hoped :( but on the up side they're still HEAPS cheaper than anywhere else!

I do ensure each batch/type of honey is tasted to make sure it's up to scratch. I do ask you your preference JUST IN CASE we get a choice but it's not always an option.

Message me or email at and include whether your favourite is
light and mild, busy and floral or strong and hits the back of your throat. :)

(Always read the conditions of membership on our blog before ordering. There will be no assistance in lifting your honey tubs, you must bring muscles with you!).