Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Whopping Patritti Juices order! CLOSED


If you can pick up from Baulkham Hills in Sydney and would like to join our Patritti juices order, please email me at for prices. Exceptionally good prices!!

These sparkling (750ml) and still juices (2litres) are made from wine grapes, so the distinct characteristics, flavours and weight of body can be enjoyed without the alcohol.
Patritti juices have never been fermented, NO preservatives or additives. No added sugar.
* Taking to a party - designated driver or not, you'll find everyone will want a glass because it's just so nice!
* Giving to teachers, neighbours and friends - regardless of lifestyle or religion, this suits everyone!
* Cooking - still juices are a wonderful substitute for alcohol in cooking, whether it's to soak fruit or a coq au vin.
* 12-18 month shelf life, STOCK UP for celebrations.
750ml sparklings (12 per carton):
Golden Muscatel- fresh & muscaty with grape sweetness
White Grape- med dry, fresh clean fruit flav. clean finish.
Dark Grape - dark, medium bodied, rich full fruity flavour
Apple (not as amazing as the others) crisp & refreshing

Canada Muscat - long and fresh taste with tropical fruit flav.
SHIRAZ - typical plum and dark cherry flav of shiraz with soft sweetness
2 litre still juice flagons (6 per carton):
Dark Grape
White Grape
Golden Muscatel
Apple & Pear
Co-op Only items:
*Verjuice 355mls in x 12
*Organic 1 litre dark grape still juice
*Canada muscat juice still 1 litre

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Community Healthy Eating Initiative

Our new healthy eating community initiative is.. Free Range Eggs!

After a huge amount of research into the egg industry, foods and living conditions for chickens, quantities and types of omega 3 fats in eggs...
I`m horrified and sad to tell you that ALL supermarket eggs are inflammatory foods, high in omega 6 and no longer fed a nutritious diet, but cheap meat meal - making eggs extremely cheap... and nasty. Which is a complete unknown to consumers, even the dietary requirements released recommend "eggs" but there's a huge difference between them.

The GOOD NEWS is, there is one conventional brand, ECO EGGS that does offer happy, really free range and full of GOOD FATS (Omega 3s specifically DHA&DPA as well as ALA and EPA)

All Organic eggs will also have this ideal balance, treatment and density (or more).

Contact me for more info about supplying your co-op, school or community group with regular, HEART AND BRAIN HEALTHY eggs (organic or conv. from Eco Eggs)

(Disclaimer: Pace Omega 3 eggs do technically have more omega 3, but ONLY ALA which would need to be consumed in enormous amounts to equate/convert into the more useful DHA and EPA. Though it can never really convert for hearth health. 

Manning Valley also have the same as Pace above, though I have more confidence in their stocking density claims than I would for Pace (who are always in trouble for something).

Not these: which are 15:1 omega 6:3.. tut tut.


Well our co-ops are going gang busters and it's really great to see more growth in the existing areas!

Berowra co-op has been doing extremely well and already has branched out into WGAC charity loo paper and free range eggs - as well as our usual suppliers of health food and raw honey.

We still have some interest in the Southern Highlands so please let me know if you would like to join in with Janine down there to start up a new branch.

Caress by Nature orders have been gaining popularity. Every order is an absolute treat knowing that every delicious essential oil scent, every goat milk soap, skin cream, serum, and lotions are 100% no junk, pure, hand made deliciousness for our bodies.

Thank you Lee for being our very own Costmetic Scientist - we are really spoilt!