Friday, 13 June 2014

New Co-op Soap Supplier

A note to all of our Co-op Stop and associated Co-ops. Caressed by Nature have passed the 'Suzi litmus test' and have the Co-op Stop stamp of approval for soap supply to all areas (should you wish to order).

Their soap is great, their quality ingredients and record keeping of recipes is great... and they are lovely people to boot. 

Co-op Stop North are currently ordering (close date 18th June). 
We have a special Co-op Stop soap recipe of: goat milk, olive oil, coconut oil, and the super soft caster seed oil. It has a wonderful lather, creamy feel and perfect ph.

Our recent FB post on the Co-op Stop Australia page:

THIS IS IT!! After years of searching for a high grade, ethical (no palm or palm kernel oils) delicious, hand made SOAP that is totally affordable....
This is it! I've been using their soap since November last year when I was getting more samples together to try out. This is the one I miss - even hubby too (and hey, that's saying something).

They are cheap enough to order direct, or wait for the email through Co-op Stop North for your bulk orders.

I won't recommend the other products as I haven't tried them or researched their ingredients etc... but Soap YES! Co-op Stop stamp of approval.