Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Your discount link for Amphore

Hi everyone,

Since orders are sporadic for Amphore (we all finish bottles at different times!), Gabriel has given me a link to a discount page for the co-op and whoever else is wishing to use it.

Feel free to share the link around, Gabriel has given his OK to do this.
Go to: www.amphore.com.au  and click on the tab Wholesale info, then the tab Group.
choose Co-Op-Stop - Discounts

Login:  co_discounts
Password: co_discounts

The site is a little tricky if you're new to it, the new creme's are found in the gift section (not pictured). They are very much worth a try. I use jojoba creme on my face and rosehip creme on my body/scars/areas that need repair etc.

So happy shopping and happy sharing.(It's worth checking out the testimonials.)

The only time you need to contact me is if you have a bulk order then that's a different link and bigger discount.

Take care