Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Co-op Syd Hills - Family Tragedy

Sharon Innis has managed the Hills Co-op for.... years. Her son Lincolne was in a surfing accident recently and has a serious spinal injury. His future is unknown, currently in a paraplegic state at hospital.
Please check out the  Facebook page or here on the fundraising page
Marching for Miracles
Sharon has been AMAZING running the Co-op Stop Hills branch, plus all the other voluntary, family, community things she takes on and charges with at full speed, maximum compassion and enjoyment. She's an outstanding mother of SIX kids and so passionately dedicated to them.

It's our turn to help them. Please contribute, pray (however you may, good vibes are great too if that's what you can give) and support as much as you can.

Thank you