Friday, 30 December 2011

A New Year's Resolution...

Over Christmas I was really really glad I'd prepared in advance. I did however forget completely about food for boxing day! We didn't host, so no left overs and no shops open! I felt so stupid, and was relieved the following day when we dashed to the shops to stock up!

I remembered, when I opened a bag of rice this week that I'd sealed in a foil pouch in 2004, how important it is to do small consistant things towards our self reliance in the near, medium and distant future.
A bag of rice or tub of honey is great, BUT eating it straight away isn't leading towards stockpiling a reserve. It is great for the food budget, which is the other very important reason for the existence of Co-opStop.

I'd like to invite you all to think more seriously about food, cooking resources, water storage and health.

Joy reminded me of the storm that passed through Sydney some 10(ish) years ago for 30mins and left Waitara, Turramurra and other northern suburbs etc with NO electricity or clean water for a week - the shops refused to sell anything!. What the heck would you  do?! Don't freak out, just do small things, consistently, that lead toward your family's self sufficiency. Either in time of fire, storm, earthquake, unemployment, needy neighbours, burst pipes or boxing day empty cupboards.

From an extra packet to keep in your cupboard, a 2 liter tub of water in the garage, or an extra month sealed in foil pouches to last years, IT'S ALL WORTHWHILE.

(p.s. there are 3 tubs of honey left, available now)

Take care, and wishing you all a happy, safe and healthy new year!