Thursday, 10 November 2011

Honey's here!

I finally tasted it this morning and I LOVE IT! 
It really is a tasty tasty honey. Nice and earthy but still light and sweet. It's slightly floral at the end.
I did the "Eat it 'till I'm sick" test and I could eat twice as much of this new honey on a spoon ( Ironbark-Red Gum)  than I could the last batch of honey.  I think because of the rich flavour it's going to be much better for flavouring cakes, breads, drinks and cookies etc.

I really really liked the last lot we had that was mild and floral but this is my favourite so far. It's a slightly darker amber colour (but not dark) than the last batch of honey and is stronger in flavour. 

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(the pic on the right is not this batch, this new batch is lighter in colour but still very runny and fresh)