Friday, 11 February 2011

New Products/ Supplier AMPHORE



Testers out now, email for your set and info. Feedback so far has been WONDERFUL.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

New Honey Supplier!

After WEEKS and WEEKS of searching, researching, talking to the industry's most noted (or quoted) Apiarists (bee keepers and the like), I FOUND SOME that is pure, raw and NOT heat treated. I managed to negotiate a price to keep it at almost the same price as 2 years ago!

As with all new suppliers there may be a little hiccup somewhere or wrinkles to iron out.  So if you have any feedback I'd love to have it so we can refine the orders/preferences for next time.

So, we have a very light, runny honey that has a distinct perfumed taste. Grey Ironbark honey. It will take quite a few months for it to candy and when it does it will still be soft enough for you to push your finger through and runnier in the middle. It will also darken with age which is perfectly fine.

These are the types of tubs that the honey is in this time. (though not this new, ours are recycled and NO TAPS INCLUDED) There is a plug down the bottom to stick a tap in if you like.

$6.50 per kilo in:

30 kilos = $195.00

25 kilos = $162.50

15 kilos = $97.50

Payment in cash or to the usual Co-op acct. Email me at for the details.

Please be mindful that this has been extremely difficult to obtain. Due to bush fires, floods and drought there isn't much left for non-commercial purchase. There aren't any jars this time as our previous guy did this off his own back and is just an added cost, time and effort that I can't afford. If you're interested in another order of this honey (or whatever is available in coming seasons), I'm sure I can try and negotiate something.