Friday, 30 December 2011

A New Year's Resolution...

Over Christmas I was really really glad I'd prepared in advance. I did however forget completely about food for boxing day! We didn't host, so no left overs and no shops open! I felt so stupid, and was relieved the following day when we dashed to the shops to stock up!

I remembered, when I opened a bag of rice this week that I'd sealed in a foil pouch in 2004, how important it is to do small consistant things towards our self reliance in the near, medium and distant future.
A bag of rice or tub of honey is great, BUT eating it straight away isn't leading towards stockpiling a reserve. It is great for the food budget, which is the other very important reason for the existence of Co-opStop.

I'd like to invite you all to think more seriously about food, cooking resources, water storage and health.

Joy reminded me of the storm that passed through Sydney some 10(ish) years ago for 30mins and left Waitara, Turramurra and other northern suburbs etc with NO electricity or clean water for a week - the shops refused to sell anything!. What the heck would you  do?! Don't freak out, just do small things, consistently, that lead toward your family's self sufficiency. Either in time of fire, storm, earthquake, unemployment, needy neighbours, burst pipes or boxing day empty cupboards.

From an extra packet to keep in your cupboard, a 2 liter tub of water in the garage, or an extra month sealed in foil pouches to last years, IT'S ALL WORTHWHILE.

(p.s. there are 3 tubs of honey left, available now)

Take care, and wishing you all a happy, safe and healthy new year!


Thursday, 10 November 2011

Honey's here!

I finally tasted it this morning and I LOVE IT! 
It really is a tasty tasty honey. Nice and earthy but still light and sweet. It's slightly floral at the end.
I did the "Eat it 'till I'm sick" test and I could eat twice as much of this new honey on a spoon ( Ironbark-Red Gum)  than I could the last batch of honey.  I think because of the rich flavour it's going to be much better for flavouring cakes, breads, drinks and cookies etc.

I really really liked the last lot we had that was mild and floral but this is my favourite so far. It's a slightly darker amber colour (but not dark) than the last batch of honey and is stronger in flavour. 

Email me for my address and payment details

(the pic on the right is not this batch, this new batch is lighter in colour but still very runny and fresh)

Friday, 4 November 2011

RAW HONEY order open - arriving in 1 week!

Raw Ironbark/Hill Gum Honey - Open for orders and payment now!

HONEY is $7 per kilo and comes in 15 kilo buckets with lids = $105.00 per tub (minimum order is 1 tub)
Honey comb is $8 for a 400-450g size in a take away container.

40 x 15kilo tubs
27 containers of Comb Honey

HONEY INFO: (These Gums flower at the same time, the honey for this order is collected from both flowers)
Iron Bark -Iron Bark Eucalyptus trees flower throughout the year and these species are widely spread through eastern Australia. A premium honey with characteristic delicate aroma, good density and light colour with a gentle sweetness. It is an excellent flavour enhancer in the baking of cakes and biscuits as well as a sweetener in beverages. A honey connoisseur's favourite.
Hill Gum - Eucalyptus Blakelyi (Blakely's Red Gum)
Hill Gum is a sub species within the Red Gum family.  Smaller than their majestic river cousins, they grow on flats and hillsides in higher rainfall areas.  Hill Gum honey has become quite rare.Hill Gum honey has an interesting flavour, amazingly refreshing with a mild mint tea character that leaves the palate slightly tingling. Slightly sweeter than it's other relative Red Gums.

Any questions/ info for payment and delivery details please contact your Co-op Managers or email me at

Monday, 19 September 2011

AMPHORE Bi-regional order

You'll be pleased to know that the next Amphore order is open.  All orders for the Central Coast (Pulse) and the North Co-op Stop please email me at

We've had wonderful feedback from those of you who use the products.This time we are going to order in 250ml bottles for Jojoba and Skin Logique - aloe lotion. 50ml for the Rosehip oil.

They come in packs of 20 so to enable us to get the wholesale prices we need an even order of each. Lesser number will mean the higher retail prices noted on the site.

Close date 21st October BUT please get your orders and payment in before the school holidays so you don't forget about it in the holiday mayhem!

Here's the link to the old blog post giving a run down of each one. Prices are on the email going out today.

Take care!


Sunday, 31 July 2011

Supporting your community

As Co-opStop is a community service, I thought it might be nice to support a local not-for-profit pre-school.
I was wondering who the heck would like a basket of health foods... seems we're not the only ones out there that love healthy food! They loved it. x

Sunday, 10 July 2011


Well it's great to see the smaller co-op member-run order are popping up everywhere.
The TEMPLATE for the H2G orders is available now.

Thanks so much to Helen who's been doing so much work for us in the last few months... how long has it been?! Maybe a year.

Amphore feedback has been amazing with another order coming up soon. We all have super soft, less spotty and less wrinkly skin now!
OH! I'll have to put picks on of my surgery scars. One was treated with rosehip and the other not. Such a difference.


Monday, 7 March 2011

Co-op Stop North Orders

The general health foods order for Co-op Stop North is now open. 
Close date 24th March and pick up the following week

Price list and contact details for Helen have been sent to the distribution list.

Friday, 11 February 2011

New Products/ Supplier AMPHORE



Testers out now, email for your set and info. Feedback so far has been WONDERFUL.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

New Honey Supplier!

After WEEKS and WEEKS of searching, researching, talking to the industry's most noted (or quoted) Apiarists (bee keepers and the like), I FOUND SOME that is pure, raw and NOT heat treated. I managed to negotiate a price to keep it at almost the same price as 2 years ago!

As with all new suppliers there may be a little hiccup somewhere or wrinkles to iron out.  So if you have any feedback I'd love to have it so we can refine the orders/preferences for next time.

So, we have a very light, runny honey that has a distinct perfumed taste. Grey Ironbark honey. It will take quite a few months for it to candy and when it does it will still be soft enough for you to push your finger through and runnier in the middle. It will also darken with age which is perfectly fine.

These are the types of tubs that the honey is in this time. (though not this new, ours are recycled and NO TAPS INCLUDED) There is a plug down the bottom to stick a tap in if you like.

$6.50 per kilo in:

30 kilos = $195.00

25 kilos = $162.50

15 kilos = $97.50

Payment in cash or to the usual Co-op acct. Email me at for the details.

Please be mindful that this has been extremely difficult to obtain. Due to bush fires, floods and drought there isn't much left for non-commercial purchase. There aren't any jars this time as our previous guy did this off his own back and is just an added cost, time and effort that I can't afford. If you're interested in another order of this honey (or whatever is available in coming seasons), I'm sure I can try and negotiate something.