Sunday, 26 December 2010


Welcome to the new managers of the Newcastle/Hunter Co-op Stop, Emma and Peter Watts.

It's a tough and sometimes tiring job but it's so much appreciated.

Dear local co-op members, please remember the trade for service scheme. Not mandatory but just nice. Ideas for this (to show your thanks for their work) would be to pick up someone else's order to clear it out of the pick up area quicker. Bring a bunch of parsley (or something) from your garden. Give them a tester of something you bought if they haven't tried it before.
All these things help make the Co-op Stop community a nice place, with volunteers that feel appreciated.

Wishing you well Emma and Pete.

Honey Supply

I have had SO MANY requests for more honey, but I'm afraid to say that the lovely man who supplied us has now quit. Honey production is too unreliable for him.

So now, I'm madly looking for the same quality honey to supply us. Prices have increased across the board and I'm scouring the state to find some.

Wish me luck and thanks for your patience.


Saturday, 5 June 2010


Unfortunately there is no honey this year. So to those who managed to buy a tub or have some jars in your garage for long term keeping - you'll be fine, to everyone else.. keep your eyes peeled and don't be fooled by poor quality honey sold at a premium.

Here's some info:

The honey we purchase in bulk for the Co-op is cold extracted, raw and organic. Meaning; the honey is not heated up to make it super runny for fast production (where important friendly bacteria, nutrients and trace minerals will be lost), it is not heated at any stage of the extraction process. You know it's raw when it candies quickly. The hives are placed in the bush well away from any sniff of civilization, farms (that spray pesti/herbi/fungicide) or roads. No pesticide strips are used inside the hive and only natural (non chemical) fuels are used (wood/bark etc) for the smoking cans to calm the bees while the combs are removed, thus keeping organic standards.

The processing of Capilano honey is a real eye opener. Our suppliers also provide honey to Capilano. They heat it first of all and keep it at a constant temperature for sometime to ensure the honey won't candy. This removes all the beneficial nutrients, antibacterial qualities and trace elements (everything!) from the honey. Then they mix it with a glucose  syrup and colouring - so they can stretch it further, sell it as "blended" honey and get a premium for it.

I had a 5kilo tub of the stuff from years and years ago. It had finally candied and what I saw was the original honey had tried to candy and sat down at the bottom. The glucose syrup and colouring had risen to the top (split like a curdled cake batter).

Raw honey is so beneficial. Minor burns, soar throats, bee stings, the list goes on (ofcourse consult your Dr not me!).
Candied honey is easy to make runny without killing the good stuff in it when you zap it in the microwave or boil it up (argh!! perish the thought). Just put the jar in the sun and turn every hour (or whenever you see it and think of it). It's a gentle warm up and you will still have all that goodness.

So hopefully we'll have better luck next year.

Dedicated to Erin x

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Welcome Helen!

I'm rather late with this welcome to Helen since she's already done her first health foods order for Co-op Stop North. She's awsome!

Thanks for your kindness in offering your voluntary service. I hope we get to keep you for some time ( she' so organized!)


Thursday, 11 March 2010

New Focus on Affordability

Our suppliers are the best! However, some simply can't afford higher quality and need something cheap and cheerful.

We are looking into bulk orders for staple items so that we can achieve the most desirable price for conventional (non-organic) items.

More info to follow.. just wanted to let you know that we're on the case and do feel it incredibly important that EVERYONE at every level can benefit.


Thursday, 28 January 2010

Organic Goat Milk Soap - Now!

Our quarterly order is ON NOW! We will be receiving 90 PLAIN soap bricks (approx 200 grams per bar). They will be straight cut with a stamp in the soap that says "goat milk".

Each bar is $4.70 which is 30% CHEAPER than getting the smaller regular sized bars they used to make us.

There's still a 10 bar minimum, orders and payment to the below account by the 15th February.

S Perryman
Bsb 012306
Acct 522346463
So order asap so I don't worry about being short of dosh on the close date ;o)

Thursday, 7 January 2010

New Admin/Manager Needed

Hi All,
Family priorities are calling so my usual helpers are out of the picture for a while. Also we've found that it works a whole lot better when the person who does the order receives the delivery and deals with pick ups etc.

So if your social conscience is pricking you (Co-op = co-operative!) then I'd love to hear from you. You're only required to do a health foods order once a quarter. More often is up to you and arrange it around your own personal family/work needs.

No more orders for the North Co-op until we find some help.

Thanks to Maryanne and Carli for doing the last couple of orders and to Mari for receiving the deliveries.