Thursday, 23 October 2008

Co-op Stops - best for your budget!

I was driving around Thornleigh the other day and noticed a new organic store has opened up on the Pacific Highway side of the station. I stifled a gasp as my Mum and I browsed.

They offer Demeter Farm Mill products, goat's milk soap, organic spices, honey and HEAPS more.

What shocked me was the price!! I just so happened to know that 1kg of Biodynamic/organic soup mix from Demeter is around $5.60 at wholesale price (through the Co-op Stop). This shop was selling it at the usual 60% mark up. More on other products.

I still can't believe that Billy Goat Soap is so expensive when it's a little place in Ourimbah on the NSW central coast.. just off the highway and set up for mass production and export.

I'm so proud of the organic goat's milk soap available through the co-op. It's all organic from the feed they home grow to the passionfruit pulp they add to the soaps. It's all straight from their organic homestead. The goats are hand milked (after the kids have had their fill) and the biggest bonus is, it's so cheap!!

I've grown accustomed to getting my three month pantry supplies and long term dry goods storage at wholesale prices and I'm proud of what the Co-op Stop offers.
The service we provide and the opportunity we give to enjoy high quality goods at below retail cost is due to NOT having a shop front or over heads.

THANK YOU to all of the co-op managers, administrators and area representatives who keep giving, working and organising for the good of others. REMEMBER they are all volunteers and not to be taken for granted.