Thursday, 17 April 2008

New Co-ops

I'm pleased announce that we are now covering the Central Coast and South Sydney areas!

Central Coast - from Gosford to Newcastle
Kelly Peihopa will be managing this area. I'm sure those key enthusiasts in the area will enjoy having and helping her. First order tba.

South Sydney - from the south end of Sydney to the Southern Highlands
We have a few people interested in helping get the South region off the ground - which is great!
It's a totally new area for us with only 1 existing co-op member (who has been a preferred customer! :o)

Word of the Co-ops are just starting to get out in the South and Central Coast areas, so if you have friends or relatives (LDS or non - doesn't matter!) who love a bargain and local, high quality goods, then contact us now!

New and local suppliers also very welcome!