Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Grain Mills

Over the past few months I've had a few people express their interest in Grain Mills. So ofcourse, I've done my research and signed the co-op up with a distributor.

We have a special registration number for Skippy Grain Mills for online orders (SR0036), but if we order together in one go, the delivery cost will be minimized.

My personal favourite is the Schnitzer Country, which is a hand grain mill and can also be fitted up to a pulley for a bike.

I'm not one for grinding my own wheat - which is why I store so much flour, but when flour lasts up to 5years in a foil pouch and grain lasts 30+, it makes sense to invest in a grinder.

I had a go at the Country mill (above) at the last Organic Expo in Sydney, I was really surprised to find that the handle just swishes around with hardly any effort (less than winding up and down my old hills hoist out the back!).

Check out the site and the demo videos of the Schnitzer mills - which is my humble opinion are the best.

This is not going to be a fast "order and pay" type thing. Take your time researching what you really want.

Thursday, 17 April 2008

New Co-ops

I'm pleased announce that we are now covering the Central Coast and South Sydney areas!

Central Coast - from Gosford to Newcastle
Kelly Peihopa will be managing this area. I'm sure those key enthusiasts in the area will enjoy having and helping her. First order tba.

South Sydney - from the south end of Sydney to the Southern Highlands
We have a few people interested in helping get the South region off the ground - which is great!
It's a totally new area for us with only 1 existing co-op member (who has been a preferred customer! :o)

Word of the Co-ops are just starting to get out in the South and Central Coast areas, so if you have friends or relatives (LDS or non - doesn't matter!) who love a bargain and local, high quality goods, then contact us now!

New and local suppliers also very welcome!