Friday, 28 March 2008

Passed the test

Well as soon as I got those bags of offcuts open, they were in the stock pot!
Lamb stock is the kind that you must let cool over night in the fridge to remove the fat. It looks like a pan sized disc of white chocolate when taken out, bit of an effort you think? Possibly, but well worth it.
The next night we had lamb stew (including all those tender morsels pulled from the bones) with dumplings. I froze some and we scoffed the rest.

FYI I nagged our friendly butcher to give us every single thing from the lamb which is why we had a bit of skin, fat and lots of offcuts. I won't be so pedantic next time :o)

This week we had veggie and lamb curry (with onion pakoras and papadums) see below. That's a heck load of chutney down the bottom - love it.
I used the CHUMP CHOPS for a slower cook and it was so juicy and tender - yuuum!

WHICH CUT DO I USE? Here's a great link for those of you wondering which bit to BBQ, stew or bake.. or whatever.