Friday, 21 March 2008

"Lamb Me Tender.."

Those of us who took part in the first order of Organic Lamb, had the pleasure of meeting Tom and his wife today at Tom's Family Butchery in Annangrove.

He welcomed us to poke our heads in and showed us around the back and cool room. It was immaculate! It is so refreshing to find a butcher (or anyone for that matter) with such passion for his work and high standards of cleanliness and service.

We couldn't help but buy more from his shop. The marinated ribs, chicken and rocket sausages, Taka Tala sauce, filo and puff pastries and eggs were just some of the things that tempted us. It was so exquisitely presented, and so orderly and clean that I couldn't help but grin and feel pleased with myself for choosing him (on Roseley's recommendation of course).

Here are some pics of the Lamb for those wanting to join the next order (open now) FYI.
Click on the pics to enlarge. This filled approx the size of 5 loaves of bread in our freezer.

Below are all the cuts laid out, I've opened one of the bags (3) of offcuts to show shanks and other bones that are essential to slow cooked meals and soups.

Being the first order we didn't really know what cuts to specify so be aware that you are able to specify certain cuts if you want them.

Thanks Tom!