Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Drought Effects

Yellow Box and Stringy Bark honey is not available this year due to the drought.

Salvation Jane is still available in 1kilo jars and 20kilo tubs (what we had in the last batch)

Organic med grain brown rice also became short on supply at the end of last year:

September 07 = $67 for 25kg
November 07 = $87 for 25kg

It is so important to get goods while they're available and at a reasonable price. Imports may be cheaper but on entry to Australia are irradiated which effects the DNA and inhibits the sprouting of legumes/grain etc (there are pro's and con's).
In a shortage of veggies, sprouting will be invaluable for those nutrients and digestive enzymes needed, that's why we love supporting Australian grown (one of the reasons anyway, but I could go on about it all day)