Friday, 11 January 2008

Co-op Open in Feb

After a well earned break, we'll be back in operation in mid February after the kids are safely packed off to school.

Welcome to any new visitors - word's been spreading of the co-op split and already we've had alot more local interest which is great. Price lists and new products will available soon.

This would be a great time to get ready and do a quick stock take.

Have a clear out and buy plastic storage containers (from hardware stores - boxes from kmart and target chip and break) to store your foil pouches in.

Get a wooden palette or two in the garage to stack your water storage, plastic tubs with foil pouches or honey tubs on.

Do a quick tally up of cupboard items - do you have 3 months' worth? e.g cans of beans, coconut milk, tomatoes, sweetcorn, spaghetti, soup etc meat in your freezer and other
items for everyday use.

Decide what's next - if you have one pouch per person of flour, do you have enough legumes? (which should be a mix of legumes eg 12 pouches for one year = 4 x chickpeas, 2 x split lentils, 2 x kidney beans, 2 x butter beans, 2 x whole lentils.

Remember the general rule of thumb:
One foil pouch per person per month