Tuesday, 23 December 2008

On a personal note..

Hi All,
Here's our early Christmas present. I was really glad that everyone picked up their honey in the specified days as little Riley came later that same week!

Everything went really well and we were home within 48 hours.

Here's the baby and his big brother (looking very suprised)
Thurs 11th December at 7:07pm, 3.32kg, 49cm long

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Honey order closed - next one in Jan/Feb

Prices are now available for 1kg jars and 20 litre tubs.

IRON BARK and TEA TREE HONEY (MIX) is currently available, if you want to wait until Yellow Box is available in January, please register your interest in YB so I can estimate our order for Jan.

Again, this is RAW and COLD EXTRACTED which you won't find in supermarkets.

Please be prompt in your payment - payment must be received by the 1st Dec or you'll miss out!

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Central Coast Co-op SUCCESS!

The first (quarterly) order for the Central Coast Co-op Stop (PULSE) has been a raging success!

Over $6000 worth of goods were ordered which was a monumental task for Kelly Peihopa and Lani Innis who orchestrated it.

I'd like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to them both for doing such great work in getting the word out and encouraging church and community members to take part in our group purchase schemes.

May I remind all those CC Co-op members about the TRADE FOR SERVICE SCHEME initiated by a community member who understood the incredible amount of work this takes. Terms and conditions point 3.

SAY THANK YOU with a card, a bunch of parsley or a flower from your garden, or an offer to pick up extra orders for those who live near you.

Well done again for such hard work and commitment. I know it's taken alot of time away from your families.


Thursday, 23 October 2008

Co-op Stops - best for your budget!

I was driving around Thornleigh the other day and noticed a new organic store has opened up on the Pacific Highway side of the station. I stifled a gasp as my Mum and I browsed.

They offer Demeter Farm Mill products, goat's milk soap, organic spices, honey and HEAPS more.

What shocked me was the price!! I just so happened to know that 1kg of Biodynamic/organic soup mix from Demeter is around $5.60 at wholesale price (through the Co-op Stop). This shop was selling it at the usual 60% mark up. More on other products.

I still can't believe that Billy Goat Soap is so expensive when it's a little place in Ourimbah on the NSW central coast.. just off the highway and set up for mass production and export.

I'm so proud of the organic goat's milk soap available through the co-op. It's all organic from the feed they home grow to the passionfruit pulp they add to the soaps. It's all straight from their organic homestead. The goats are hand milked (after the kids have had their fill) and the biggest bonus is, it's so cheap!!

I've grown accustomed to getting my three month pantry supplies and long term dry goods storage at wholesale prices and I'm proud of what the Co-op Stop offers.
The service we provide and the opportunity we give to enjoy high quality goods at below retail cost is due to NOT having a shop front or over heads.

THANK YOU to all of the co-op managers, administrators and area representatives who keep giving, working and organising for the good of others. REMEMBER they are all volunteers and not to be taken for granted.

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

WATER TUBS - order closed

220litre (44 gallons) WATER TUBS.
These are food grade and have tight lids for perfect water storage.

$30 each 220litre WATER TUB
Prices have increased slightly from last year (like everything!).
Delivery will be to Hornsby and you or someone picking up for your area will need to pick up on the day.

Monday, 2 June 2008

NEW! Southern Highlands Co-op

Yes, yet another co-op starting up.

Sarah English has bravely taken on the Southern Highlands Co-op and is currently on the look out for local suppliers.

PLEASE contact us if you know of a local business or private seller who can provide dry goods, local meat, honey or anything else useful.

Or for any other area for that matter - Australian/local is always best in my book :o)

Sunday, 4 May 2008


Well there are a few changes and bits of news to share.

First of all I'm pregnant with our second little one (though I'm hoping for an angel this time not a monkey!) and will be cutting back on Co-op work for a while. Which means, at least for the time being, we'll be sticking with the current products and suppliers.

After this current North order I'll be passing dry goods ordering over to Virginia Williams who is a non LDS member of the Co-op and one of my enthusiastic self reliant friends.
She's very capable and very approachable. Also known as the "chicken chat lady" :o)

Deliveries will still be coming to my home as it's more central, but offers to receive goods (if you're around the Hornsby/Normanhurst area) are welcome!


The Central Coast Co-op will remain ordering with the North Co-op for the rest of this year. We'll start direct deliveries from the mill in 2009, though the general health foods will still need a Hornsby pick up.

Organic Lamb and Organic Goat's Milk Soap will still be ordered regularly throughout the year. No change there.

Water tubs are on the horizon, though a drop off point is still needed (please offer!)

Honey will be available next year due to the drought as previously mentioned.

Grain Mills will need to be ordered online. Please support the Co-ops by using our specific code
(SR0036) in the "representative number" and give me some feedback/chat/info on what you're thinking, choosing or buying. It's all extremely useful to know!

Thank you so much for your involvement, I hope that the word spreads further and we can offer other people in the community and at church, the opportunity to get their long term storage and 3month supplies.

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Grain Mills

Over the past few months I've had a few people express their interest in Grain Mills. So ofcourse, I've done my research and signed the co-op up with a distributor.

We have a special registration number for Skippy Grain Mills for online orders (SR0036), but if we order together in one go, the delivery cost will be minimized.

My personal favourite is the Schnitzer Country, which is a hand grain mill and can also be fitted up to a pulley for a bike.

I'm not one for grinding my own wheat - which is why I store so much flour, but when flour lasts up to 5years in a foil pouch and grain lasts 30+, it makes sense to invest in a grinder.

I had a go at the Country mill (above) at the last Organic Expo in Sydney, I was really surprised to find that the handle just swishes around with hardly any effort (less than winding up and down my old hills hoist out the back!).

Check out the site and the demo videos of the Schnitzer mills - which is my humble opinion are the best.

This is not going to be a fast "order and pay" type thing. Take your time researching what you really want.

Thursday, 17 April 2008

New Co-ops

I'm pleased announce that we are now covering the Central Coast and South Sydney areas!

Central Coast - from Gosford to Newcastle
Kelly Peihopa will be managing this area. I'm sure those key enthusiasts in the area will enjoy having and helping her. First order tba.

South Sydney - from the south end of Sydney to the Southern Highlands
We have a few people interested in helping get the South region off the ground - which is great!
It's a totally new area for us with only 1 existing co-op member (who has been a preferred customer! :o)

Word of the Co-ops are just starting to get out in the South and Central Coast areas, so if you have friends or relatives (LDS or non - doesn't matter!) who love a bargain and local, high quality goods, then contact us now!

New and local suppliers also very welcome!

Friday, 28 March 2008

Passed the test

Well as soon as I got those bags of offcuts open, they were in the stock pot!
Lamb stock is the kind that you must let cool over night in the fridge to remove the fat. It looks like a pan sized disc of white chocolate when taken out, bit of an effort you think? Possibly, but well worth it.
The next night we had lamb stew (including all those tender morsels pulled from the bones) with dumplings. I froze some and we scoffed the rest.

FYI I nagged our friendly butcher to give us every single thing from the lamb which is why we had a bit of skin, fat and lots of offcuts. I won't be so pedantic next time :o)

This week we had veggie and lamb curry (with onion pakoras and papadums) see below. That's a heck load of chutney down the bottom - love it.
I used the CHUMP CHOPS for a slower cook and it was so juicy and tender - yuuum!

WHICH CUT DO I USE? Here's a great link for those of you wondering which bit to BBQ, stew or bake.. or whatever.

Friday, 21 March 2008

"Lamb Me Tender.."

Those of us who took part in the first order of Organic Lamb, had the pleasure of meeting Tom and his wife today at Tom's Family Butchery in Annangrove.

He welcomed us to poke our heads in and showed us around the back and cool room. It was immaculate! It is so refreshing to find a butcher (or anyone for that matter) with such passion for his work and high standards of cleanliness and service.

We couldn't help but buy more from his shop. The marinated ribs, chicken and rocket sausages, Taka Tala sauce, filo and puff pastries and eggs were just some of the things that tempted us. It was so exquisitely presented, and so orderly and clean that I couldn't help but grin and feel pleased with myself for choosing him (on Roseley's recommendation of course).

Here are some pics of the Lamb for those wanting to join the next order (open now) FYI.
Click on the pics to enlarge. This filled approx the size of 5 loaves of bread in our freezer.

Below are all the cuts laid out, I've opened one of the bags (3) of offcuts to show shanks and other bones that are essential to slow cooked meals and soups.

Being the first order we didn't really know what cuts to specify so be aware that you are able to specify certain cuts if you want them.

Thanks Tom!

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

GMS - taking orders and payment NOW!

For those of you who've been hanging out for this upcoming order, you can now order and pay in advance to secure your deliciously creamy, rich and soothing Goats Milk Soap.

$3 per bar, min order 5

We only have 100 arriving in the next order so please be prompt with your payment!

Sunflower oil, Coconut oil, Palm oil, Goats Milk

A MUST for all those suffering with skin complaints, dermatitis or sensitivities

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Drought Effects

Yellow Box and Stringy Bark honey is not available this year due to the drought.

Salvation Jane is still available in 1kilo jars and 20kilo tubs (what we had in the last batch)

Organic med grain brown rice also became short on supply at the end of last year:

September 07 = $67 for 25kg
November 07 = $87 for 25kg

It is so important to get goods while they're available and at a reasonable price. Imports may be cheaper but on entry to Australia are irradiated which effects the DNA and inhibits the sprouting of legumes/grain etc (there are pro's and con's).
In a shortage of veggies, sprouting will be invaluable for those nutrients and digestive enzymes needed, that's why we love supporting Australian grown (one of the reasons anyway, but I could go on about it all day)

Friday, 11 January 2008

Co-op Open in Feb

After a well earned break, we'll be back in operation in mid February after the kids are safely packed off to school.

Welcome to any new visitors - word's been spreading of the co-op split and already we've had alot more local interest which is great. Price lists and new products will available soon.

This would be a great time to get ready and do a quick stock take.

Have a clear out and buy plastic storage containers (from hardware stores - boxes from kmart and target chip and break) to store your foil pouches in.

Get a wooden palette or two in the garage to stack your water storage, plastic tubs with foil pouches or honey tubs on.

Do a quick tally up of cupboard items - do you have 3 months' worth? e.g cans of beans, coconut milk, tomatoes, sweetcorn, spaghetti, soup etc meat in your freezer and other
items for everyday use.

Decide what's next - if you have one pouch per person of flour, do you have enough legumes? (which should be a mix of legumes eg 12 pouches for one year = 4 x chickpeas, 2 x split lentils, 2 x kidney beans, 2 x butter beans, 2 x whole lentils.

Remember the general rule of thumb:
One foil pouch per person per month