Monday, 10 December 2007

80 Acres - Goat's Milk Soap

Natasha and Aaron (and family) have 80 acres of land up in Tropical North Queensland. I find their ethos refreshing and encouraging as making money is not a priority. They live to be self reliant (as we should be), have a happy home, with happy well education children.

I LOVE their website which demystifies the soap making process, reveals the deliciously simple and honest ingredients, all of which are AUSTRALIAN MADE/ produced.

We use our own goat’s milk. We don’t use powder, or source our milk from anywhere else. We milk our own goats, who are happy and content. Whilst there isn’t anything wrong with sourcing the milk from elsewhere, after all, there’s no rule saying to make goat’s milk soap you have to have goats! We consider this is beneficial for the customer as you can be reassured that the milk comes from a humane method.
We love our goats; they all have names and are milked by hand and spoilt rotten. We have enough goats that we don’t need our animals to be breeding machines to produce milk and we ensure all the babies stay with their mums until mum has had enough. We let them feed as much as needed and then we milk no more than we need with what’s left over. We do not support ANY method of factory farming whatsoever.

Goat's milk soap is amazing and I really don't think it should be classed as "soap" as the mental associations of dry skin or harsh cleansing is incorrect when it comes to hand made soap. It hasn't been messed with, nothing is taken away (like glycerine in regular soap production).

The ingredients in this soap are:

Goats Milk, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Sunflower Oil.

No artificial colours or preservatives added.
(You can have fragrance and colour too - check the website)