Sunday, 9 December 2007

December Garden

While we've got a break from the co-op I thought I'd update you on my garden.

I've grown some cocozelle zucchini's which are similar to the old fashioned marrow. They are a variety that you can grow up to 2kgs without them becoming bitter. They're delish stuffed and baked or used for zucchini cake (or choc zuc cake)

I also have bunching onions called potato onions (no idea why), a strawberry patch (that little bucketful is just from this morning) and beetroots.

Here are some purple runner beans, snow peas, medium-ish carrots, strawberries and lemons.

I haven't really spent all that much time in the garden this year but I seem to have a bumper crop.

Anyway, off to stick in some more cucumbers.