Friday, 9 November 2007

LAUNCH of LDS Women's Co-op WEST

Hi Everyone, (please note the important conditions below)

From next year (Feb/March) we'll be getting deliveries in the Hills district which will mean a more localised co-operative for those of you in Baulkham Hills, Kellyville 1st, Kellyville 2nd and Winston Hills wards.

LDS Women's Co-op WEST will be run by Kelly Peihopa and Sharon Innis
, who will take all dry goods orders and help arrange combined or local packing days after each order as needed. All other orders i.e. Honey, water tubs etc will still be done through myself.

It's exciting that we've had this much growth in the co-op in just six months and I look forward to opening up other areas for direct orders in the near future.
We have a great relationship with our suppliers who are all Australian small businesses and they are very happy to extend their service to meet our growing needs.

Greenwich Stake

Dural - Leanne Hulme
Normanhurst - Suzi Perryman
Baulkham Hills - Kelly Peihopa
Kellyville 1 - Sharon Innis
Kellyville 2 - Jodie Munroe
Winston Hills - Esme Bell

Parramatta Stake

Blacktown - Sarah Birks
General/ Church offices - Denise Saikaly

Newcastle Stake
Ourimbah - Lauren Turner

*Important conditions*
1. These are unregistered co-ops, by ordering through us you are agreeing not to sell on any of the goods attained through the LDS Women's Co-op West or LDS Women's Co-op North.
2. Our main aim is to help YOU help yourselves so please be prompt with payment as chasing you up costs us valuable time and money.
3. Trading is encouraged. Some Co-op members have initiated a "Trade for Service" scheme. This is left to your discretion.
4. This is not a church calling, assignment or a church endorsed initiative.
5. There is no stock available on hand, orders are only to be confirmed when payment has been made FIRST.
6. We do not have a float or spare funds to purchase goods in advance. Nor do we have space for long term storage.
7. Reps are not to lift, deliver or store your items for you. Please ensure you bring the necessary muscle with you on your prompt pick up.

Trade for service is a great idea, a bunch of herbs from your garden, a scoop of something you’ve ordered, or even just offering to pick up items for others in your ward/area – all makes such a difference and makes us all feel so appreciated. :o)


Friday, 2 November 2007

WATER TUB - pick up

Hi All,
The water tubs will be arriving this coming week so be sure to set aside some time on Friday or Saturday to come and collect. ( I don't fancy moving around and trying to house 55 water tubs!!)

Look forward to see you all!