Monday, 17 September 2007

Spring Hill Beef - New BBQ Hamper

Hi All,
Simon at Spring Hill Beef has now changed the hamper to suite our summer BBQ needs.

There has been a wonderful response from those of you who have ordered and tried the meat which is GREAT! I think it's really important to support people like Simon and his family, they're really doing important work to bring us ethically and environmentally sound food - not to mention it tastes flippin' FANTASTIC!! :o)

Now that winter has finished Spring Hill is introducing the Summer BBQ BONANZA Beef Hamper. Same high quality of "Grass Fed / Stress Free" beef BUT now in a more BBQ friendly format :

500g of Stiry Fry Beef

5 Minute Steaks

6 xBBQ steaks ( great for the kids )

2 xRump steaks

2 xBlade steaks

2 xScotch/Eye Fillet steaks

2 xT-Bone/Sirloin steaks

1 x1.5kg Roast ( which can be substituted for 6 BBQ steaks or 8 Minute steaks )

3kg Gourmet GLUTEN FREE Thick Beef sausages

2kg Gourmet GLUTEN FREE Lean Italian sausages

4kg Topside Mince

#please note Diced beef / OssoBucco can be substituted instead of the Minute steaks.

Cost is around $200

Please place your orders
by contacting Simon on 0248864479 /