Saturday, 22 September 2007

Chook chatting

Ginny and Michael's lovely back yard with HUGE fenced vegie patch and chickens in the corner.
Here Michael and Ginny are clipping the birds wings so they don't fly away.

The laying box (accessible from the outside). The golf balls are to trick them into thinking there are already eggs in the nest - so they keep laying.
They get 1 egg from each chicken per day.

Feeding scraps to the chickens....

.... and feeding children to the dog

Benefits of having chickens:

· Fresh and tasty eggs

· Dispose of your food scraps

· Turn your food scraps into garden fertiliser

· Pest control around the garden – they just love curl grubs, snails, slugs and spiders.

· Love grass clippings from the lawn mower

· They weed, turn over and fertilise garden beds

· They are just incredibly useful and friendly pets!