Saturday, 22 September 2007

Chook chatting

Ginny and Michael's lovely back yard with HUGE fenced vegie patch and chickens in the corner.
Here Michael and Ginny are clipping the birds wings so they don't fly away.

The laying box (accessible from the outside). The golf balls are to trick them into thinking there are already eggs in the nest - so they keep laying.
They get 1 egg from each chicken per day.

Feeding scraps to the chickens....

.... and feeding children to the dog

Benefits of having chickens:

· Fresh and tasty eggs

· Dispose of your food scraps

· Turn your food scraps into garden fertiliser

· Pest control around the garden – they just love curl grubs, snails, slugs and spiders.

· Love grass clippings from the lawn mower

· They weed, turn over and fertilise garden beds

· They are just incredibly useful and friendly pets!

Monday, 17 September 2007

Spring Hill Beef - New BBQ Hamper

Hi All,
Simon at Spring Hill Beef has now changed the hamper to suite our summer BBQ needs.

There has been a wonderful response from those of you who have ordered and tried the meat which is GREAT! I think it's really important to support people like Simon and his family, they're really doing important work to bring us ethically and environmentally sound food - not to mention it tastes flippin' FANTASTIC!! :o)

Now that winter has finished Spring Hill is introducing the Summer BBQ BONANZA Beef Hamper. Same high quality of "Grass Fed / Stress Free" beef BUT now in a more BBQ friendly format :

500g of Stiry Fry Beef

5 Minute Steaks

6 xBBQ steaks ( great for the kids )

2 xRump steaks

2 xBlade steaks

2 xScotch/Eye Fillet steaks

2 xT-Bone/Sirloin steaks

1 x1.5kg Roast ( which can be substituted for 6 BBQ steaks or 8 Minute steaks )

3kg Gourmet GLUTEN FREE Thick Beef sausages

2kg Gourmet GLUTEN FREE Lean Italian sausages

4kg Topside Mince

#please note Diced beef / OssoBucco can be substituted instead of the Minute steaks.

Cost is around $200

Please place your orders
by contacting Simon on 0248864479 /

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Co-op Reps in your area

Preferred payment is direct to an ANZ bank or internet transfer.
If you can only pay cash your ward co-op rep can deposit it for you.
These are the represented wards:

Greenwich Stake
Dural - Leanne Hulme
Normanhurst - Suzi Perryman
Baulkham Hills - Kelly Peihopa
Kellyville 1 - Sharon Innis
Kellyville 2 - Jodie Munroe
Winston Hills - Esme Bell

Parramatta Stake
Blacktown - Sarah Birks
General - Denise Saikaly (unofficial church offices)