Thursday, 23 August 2007

Spring Hill Beef

Here are some pics of the Beef hamper that came from Simon Philp's farm in the Southern Highlands.

Delivered to my door in a freezer back and packed with ice.

I must say the T-bone steaks were the biggest and tastiest I'd had and the sausages actually taste real!

Even when I've defrosted some mince for frying, the texture is ... well, "fluffy". It smelled liked tasty steak!

It's made me realise that I don't think I've ever eaten really fresh meat before.
Even from my freezer after a few weeks it tastes so FRESH in comparison to the packets of supermarket meat that has been gassed, coloured and adulterated from the word go.
Even my local butcher (to which I'm very loyal) doesn't have meat that tastes the same.

VERDICT: Grass Fed and Stress free is definitely an amazing taste! Well worth it - thumbs up!

If you'd like some flyers/info let me know and I'll give you some. Feel free to order direct using "the co-op" name or through me is fine too.