Sunday, 12 August 2007

How Delicious! How Exciting! easy :o)

I found a very pathetic looking broccli at the end of the garden that survived. Lucas will have that for his dinner since it's pretty tiny and won't get any bigger.

Now is the best time to get seed raising mix and trays and get planting. EDEN SEEDS have a fantastic range of quality seeds and some really fun varieties.

Here we have Purple Dragon Carrots, Jefferson Cucumber and Chocolate Capsicum.Aren't they great! I've had much better success growing purple carrots than the regular ones and I always get a really big crop of cucumbers - they're so easy to grow! Even in pots.

Carrots go direct in the ground in between rows of onions or shallots (don't fertilise carrots, just use plain old soil). No fuss with these guys, just thin them out when they are about 6 weeks-ish so the strong ones have room.

Cucumbers and Caps need a handful of lime added to the soil (as well as a bit of manure), they like pretty neutral soil. Bunch up lucerne around these to keep the moisture in.

Lettuce are easy in seed trays (as the seeds are so tiny and might get washed away). Though I've been known to just chuck them on the garden and had marvelous results with this Mesclun Mix.

JUST HAVE A GO! Have lots of fun, and get some really strange varieties so the kids (and adults) stay interested.

Purple runner beans are still my favourite :o) I'll be doing them again this year.. oh! and peas, love peas.