Saturday, 28 July 2007

New Supplier - Spring Hill Beef

As we are all in the process of getting our 3 month's supply of food in our cupboards (as well as our foil pouched emergency 12month supply), I thought I could help you all out by sourcing wholesale meat.

Chosen because of the Care, Quality, Knowledge and TASTE

SPRING HILL BEEF is ice-packed in an esky and delivered down to Sydney twice a month. Each hamper will cost between $150 and $200 and will contain approx. 15kg of meat, in the form of:

• 2 X Blade steak
• 2 X Chuck steak ideal for Curries or Stews
• 2-4 X Rump steak
• 1 X Spare Ribs
• 2 X T-Bones steak
• 2 X BBQ steak
• 2 X Scotch fillet steak/Eye-Fillet or New-York sirloin steak
• Mince in 1/2kg bags approx. 2kgs
• Thick Beef Sausages in 1kg bags approx. 3kgs
• Honey-soy sausages 1kg
• Rissoles 1kg
• 1 X Silver Side OR a Top Roast which may also be cut into Beef-strips for Stirfry etc and made into Minute-Steaks

As there are only a small number of steers on the property, there is only a certain amount of hampers that can be delivered each month. Therefore we have a policy of first in first served.

Every serve contains:
• Up to 60% more Omega 3 than grain fed beef
• 3 times as much Vitamin E than grain fed beef
• Twice as much beta-carotene (Vitamin A) than grain fed beef