Saturday, 28 July 2007

Dry goods order Sept

Feel free to send in orders for our next bulk buy in about six weeks time.

The favourites for the last order were; basmati rice, unbleached flour, red kidney beans, almonds, green and red lentils, chickpeas, cocoa. Just to give you some idea.

Packing days will follow, let me know if you want me to help kick start packing in your own area. It's quite a fun activity when everyone is scooping, filling and sealing in a production line. Get the kids involved :o)

New Supplier - Spring Hill Beef

As we are all in the process of getting our 3 month's supply of food in our cupboards (as well as our foil pouched emergency 12month supply), I thought I could help you all out by sourcing wholesale meat.

Chosen because of the Care, Quality, Knowledge and TASTE

SPRING HILL BEEF is ice-packed in an esky and delivered down to Sydney twice a month. Each hamper will cost between $150 and $200 and will contain approx. 15kg of meat, in the form of:

• 2 X Blade steak
• 2 X Chuck steak ideal for Curries or Stews
• 2-4 X Rump steak
• 1 X Spare Ribs
• 2 X T-Bones steak
• 2 X BBQ steak
• 2 X Scotch fillet steak/Eye-Fillet or New-York sirloin steak
• Mince in 1/2kg bags approx. 2kgs
• Thick Beef Sausages in 1kg bags approx. 3kgs
• Honey-soy sausages 1kg
• Rissoles 1kg
• 1 X Silver Side OR a Top Roast which may also be cut into Beef-strips for Stirfry etc and made into Minute-Steaks

As there are only a small number of steers on the property, there is only a certain amount of hampers that can be delivered each month. Therefore we have a policy of first in first served.

Every serve contains:
• Up to 60% more Omega 3 than grain fed beef
• 3 times as much Vitamin E than grain fed beef
• Twice as much beta-carotene (Vitamin A) than grain fed beef

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

New Supplier - Eden Organics products

Eden Organics have agreed to supply us at wholesale prices. These are the BEST products I have come accross. NO sulfates, NO phosphates, NO parabens, NO mineral oil!

The ingredients are so natural and simple you could make them youself. Too time consuming for me and I'm sure for alot of you!
So anyway, check them out, I have used the DEO and the MOISTURISERS and they are extremely good! Usually with natural Deo's you have a stinky day.. but not this stuff (it has bi-carb in it :o)

I have added them to the links on the side bar.