Saturday, 14 April 2007

FYI - Honey source/process

Now, I'm probably the only person who thinks this is interesting, BUT I've got to tell you just how great this honey is..

SOURCE - Our friendly Apiary Inspector, (after I asked for organic honey) made sure that all of the honey sourced was from mountain regions and pure bush honey only. As alot of the mainstream honey is produced near canola fields and the like (that are sprayed with pesticides etc etc).
So if you're wondering why we all got yellow box, that's why - because it's a bush honey.

PROCESS - The honey is from all over NSW, but is processed in one place up past Winsor. Apparently this is the only place that has the machines that will separate the honey cold.
In mainstream honey production the machines that process the honey are heated (being the first in the heating process to keep the honey runny).

OUR honey, is COLD PRESSED meaning that no goodness has been lost in a heat treatment. The machines are also only ever washed with water so as to prevent any chemical residue contaminating the honey. In the cold weather the honey should candy within a month.


We'll definately be ordering more in the future. Now I know we can get honey comb, I'll be getting that too! my free sample was devi-i-i-i-i-i-i-ine! (rub rub rub)

PLEASE email me or leave a comment if you are interested in the next honey order.